Thursday, September 23, 2010

really? is that juice going to keep dripping??

dear mango,

why are you such a pain in the ass to get into? i mean, i want to eat you, and i'm not afraid to work a little, or a lot, but, c'mon. what i need is a handy dandy tool, like a mango cutter....

very sexy, no? i could seriously eat a mango everyday. here i am, living in a tropical type paradise, and why is it that i haven't had a mango a day since i got here?? i suppose its a bit of laziness, or perhaps there was just a time when publix didn't carry such exotic fruits. i'm pretty sure my childhood had apples, bananas, grapes and of course watermelon. oh wait! cherries! but alas, no mango. perhaps, my mother didn't have mango in israel, and therefore had no clue what that lovely little yummy fruit had in store for her and her deprived child. she was never really one for exotic adventures. or at least to the best of my knowledge. however, my father was born and raised in southern california. beverly hills in fact. perhaps mangoes were viewed as a lesser fruit back when he was growing up. maybe he wasn't exposed to such rare gems? however, my father being the by the book kinda guy surely would've come across some type of diagram to better his delicate pallet..??


sad as it may all seem, fear not. i have been eating these little beauties for some time now. i can almost remember my first time. so sweet, so juicy, so much fucking work. i mean, all i wanted was a freakin' piece of fruit, not some outward bound scavenger hunt for some good healthy choice i made instead of eating some piece of shit candy bar or something. i mean, come on! has anyone seen the size of that pit? what the hell is that? some type of space ship thing lurking in the meat of goodness?? its absolutely ridiculous. however, i've never been much of a quitter, so even though its not pretty, its still pretty fucking delicious.



  1. now i want a mango! thanks!

    btw, i got the link to your blog from bailey's tumblr. i clicked it and realized you work at the salon too! so now i stroll on over to your blog every once in a while :-)

  2. mangos are totally on the "A" avoid list. sob!


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