Wednesday, October 6, 2010


an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, characterized by heightened susceptibility to suggestion.

any questions? i for one have plenty. mostly from my childhood, not to say that my early years weren't filled with magic and unicorns, but i'm sure my parents did a number on me somehow. don't they all? with the best of intentions, parents do the very best they can to make a child feel safe and loved. unfortunately if the parents themselves don't feel quite so loved then the said child will see and feel this. long story short, my folks had a shitty marriage, and therefore were a bad example to me. they love me, and i know this, but some shit went down, and i'm pretty sure i can't shake it.

willing to try anything once, and somethings twice, i signed up for some hypno-sessions. i found a very amazing man who is pretty well known in the hypnotherapy world as being one of the leaders in this type of arena. he's incredible. from our first meeting i knew i could trust him, and he's got this squishy comforting aura working for him, and in return, me.

so far no groundbreaking discoveries, no breakthrough moments. just a few moments of utter heaviness, and some weird faux body sensations. i'm chasing the hypno dragon like a moth to the flame.

mental and physical strength go hand in hand. so while i'm working overtime on my mind, i'm pushing my body to the same distance. it feels good to be sore, and in return strong. i sorta feel like a puddle slowly collecting itself back up. its hard to put into words exactly, but i hope this mental imagery does the trick.

i'm reading about 4 books right now, and just ordered a 5th. i have this really strong sense of wanting to read anything i can get my hands on. its obsessive, but i can think of much worse things, like oreos. otherwise its business as usual. frankie is officially off suicide watch. during the first few weeks of this recent co-habitation, i was sure the little guy was going to just cease to exist. but alas, he pulled through. he's happy as a clam, and dare i say it, has found a friend in buddy the yorkie. life is good over here in the hood. as much as i want to have a house warming party, and have all my friends and acquaintances come check out the place, the thought gives me anxiety. maybe i'll have david do the dirty work.

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