Monday, September 20, 2010

i know it sounds silly, but i still hide certain things from my parents. i started a new tattoo over the weekend. i couldn't mention it, mostly out of fear of their disappointment. sometimes i still feel 15. for a little while now, i feel tired of what i have. in a way, when i look at my arms, i see things that represent part of me, but not the me who i am now. so, when they tell you that you'll change, 'they' are right... i'm working on it. slowly, and with some steady hands.

i still find tattoos absolutely beautiful, so that hasn't changed. i think my image of myself has changed, and i want to express that. i really would hate to think that my tattoos precede me. but sadly, i think in some circles they do. this is a little internal boiling pot bubbling over. looking forward to working it out.

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