Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lately i've been seeing larry david at the gym. or at least i suspect its him. can't really be too sure. i suppose i've been living in a dream world lately. and i mean this in the best way possible. life is after all, a dream. suddenly when i open my eyes, i feel a lightness, perhaps an open air type feeling that i've been searching for. i'm quite aware of the warmth that comes along with it. i'm sure it has to do with finding a harmonious balance between black and white. sky and earth and all the little things in between.

i feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful little niche. and its a nice place and i intend on staying a while. in other unrelated news... my mother has this really funny inclination to text me when she's been drinking. i'm not sure if she gets the concept of drunk dialing, but somehow i think if she was years younger, she'd be a pro. usually its always just a declaration of just how 'shit face' she is, and then some random questions with hilarious typos. gotta love her. oh, and the best part, i usually get these texts in the early afternoon or evening. in other words, she's wasted before the sun goes down....

so i'm sitting here watching the sideways rain, and i can't help but feel happy. i've roped me a country boy and darn ain't he cute. he makes me smile. he'll never fess up to it, but he's got the cutest little drawl. ever so slight, yet simply adorable. he can do back flips and i'm practicing my cartwheels. its love i tell ya!

sometime in the fall i will be going back under the knife. i'm going to have some of my hardware removed from my foot. two screws. i'm going to have them plated in gold and made in to jewelry. i'm thinking this is the best idea i've had in a long time. i'm also back on the baking wagon again. after a slight hiatus, i can't help but think about all the wonderful little treats i want to make.

ok, so here's where i get totally serious. i've just finished season 2 on lost. i'm completely addicted. not sure whats left of the hatch. don't know whats going to happen with the peeps the 'others' took, or why they keep saying they're the good guys. but my hunch is this.... the hatch is destroyed, sun will lose the baby, locke can't walk and rose will die from cancer. i secretly hope kate and sawyer have a steamy sex scene, cause when he screwed anna, it made me sick.

yea, i'm totally serious.

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