Thursday, August 6, 2009

last night i celebrated my 3 year anniversary with alchemy. we gorged on crab legs and hush puppies and it was amazing. every get a craving for something and you just can't stop thinking about it? yea, that was me and these crab legs. it was heaven. of course its almost 12 hours later, and i'm still not hungry. i'm thinking about starting my super model diet again. not that its much more different than how i regularly eat, but maybe just a little bit less. i feel like i've gained a hundred pounds, but that's what happens when you're happy. i cannot not even begin to express just how happy i am, but you best believe it!

met a boy, through some amazing friends. how wonderful it is when everything falls into place. and i mean everything. maybe minus his cat. my poor little allergies. the nose itch, the watery eyes and lately, hives. however, i've decided after years of putting it off, i'm finally going to look into getting some allergy shots. for years i've considered it due to the fact that being around cats makes me feel like i've suddenly been curse with the bird and swine flu. its a huge pain in the ass to be invited places and have to ask, 'do they have cats?' i mean, its time. i'm sure its going to be a heavy uphill climb, but i'm willing to trek it....

in other news. i was walking from my car to my apartment wearing flip flops, yes this is bad for my foot. but i noticed that i had no pain. in fact i was totally unaware of my foot. and to this i say its about damn time! i see the smart doc on monday for what i hope will be the last time. i would love for him to give me the green light to start running as well. i miss it. as soon as he says i'm a free girl, i'm buying myself the best damn pair of running shoes and i'm gonna hit some concrete! well, maybe hit was a bit harsh...

i feel pretty fortunate these days. life is balanced, no more of that topsy turvy shit. i'm working out, eating right, i'm head over heels about a wonderful man, and life feels beautiful.

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