Wednesday, September 9, 2009

why not? cause i'm such a pro at it, i mean, whats another go around? i've got it down to a science. i'm systematic, i'm organized, and why why why why why....... in all seriousness, i'm moving. again. i just can't help myself. when i lived in gainesville, one hundred years ago, i swear, i moved every year. i just couldn't seem to find the right place to live. whether it was no heat in the winter. or no ac in the summer. one place was so lopsided, if you spent too much time in the bathroom you found yourself with a case of the spins and vertigo. and i'm sure there are a million other reasons why i kept moving from one shit hole to the next. but, now that i'm so much older, and i'm sure a bit wiser, perhaps i kept moving cause i just wasn't supposed to stay put. the gypsy in me is hard to handle at times. when she makes an appearance, nobody is safe. however, this move will hopefully be the last for some time. its a bit of a downsize, but its just me and frankie. i like small spaces. sometimes my place i'm in now makes me feel so small, and i don't like it. unless i run into a winning lottery ticket, or somehow end up with tons of cash, i really don't see myself leaving this next place. so, with grace and tape i find myself boxing my little world up. i really don't have that much shit. i just have a little bit of shit. but shit, its all books, and kitchen stuff and not too much else. just enough to be a bit annoying. none the less, the move is in a few days, and i'm looking forward to the process afterwards. the settling in, the redecorating, and the prospect of getting some new shit. yes, more shit.

i feel like i haven't really sat down on the phone and talked to all my distant buddies in some time. i miss those long winded phone calls about every thing and nothing. i miss feeling strong after we hang up, only to walk a bit taller for an hour or so. and i blame myself. i've been so busy doing stuff and living my life in the present that i just haven't made time. i canceled my tv, and it feels so good. i've been reading and being more productive. getting projects out of the way, feeling creative. its very lovely. i have all these other projects that i want to work on, i just don't know where to start.

i'm going back to my doctor in a few weeks. the foot surgeon. going to see about another little surgery. the foot is still a thorn in my side. its the worst. i may have some screws removed, but i don't know. bringing my father along to ask all the right questions. he's the best for these type of things. if i do get them taken out, they will be made into a fancy necklace. sorta excited about that....

everything else is great. boy is wonderful. frankie is amazing. work is fantastic. etc etc etc....

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