Monday, February 23, 2009

mid evening inspiration. pretty pretty little things. all done up, and no place to go?

what inspires you? what is in your heart that speaks so loudly you cannot ignore? what moves you? makes you flutter...right before the door opens, he's jiggling the keys to make the lock turn, my heart still skips a beat. putting on my bright red lipstick, hair done just so, about to head out, my stomach still flips. finding that right outfit, i stand a bit taller. seeing the faces of my family, and closest friends in fits of happiness, care-free. i live for these moments. i live to be in these moments, to always have them, to be ever so present. to beam. to share, and be open. to be part of a conversation that is taking place all around the world. tonight for just a moment, i felt selfish. i took a moment in time, while nobody was looking, and just took it in. i found myself lost in my own voice inside my head, and told myself things i needed to hear. i made peace with this silly little notion i've been carrying around with me for far too long. i let it go. i tossed the chips, and i'll be okay with where they land.

what is it about feeling like you belong? its not a need. its nice, but i find it somewhat of a pleasant surprise. belonging to a group. what a concept! how warm, how delightful. i find myself in all sorts of various groups these days. with all different types of people. its such a nice feeling.


  1. i have been trying for what feels like days to leave you comments and its just not letting me. maybe this time it will. i really like those pictures.

  2. @ Abby - You see how it works is... you fill in this text box with words and then you click that "post comment" button down there. Presto!


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