Thursday, February 19, 2009

maybe my braids were too tight. maybe it was the gloomy weather. all i know is this; i was driving down the street. i was armed with a mission. i was jamming out in my car. i was starting my day, when out of nowhere, the car in front of me decides to slam on its breaks. and what did i do you ask? well, that's quite simple.

i mommy armed my ipod.

call it a knee jerk reaction. maybe my clock just started ticking. call it what ever you want, but please, try to contain your laughter. so, as i sit here with nostrils burning from eating one too many wasabi peas, i'm trying to remember if i've had any other maternal instincts lately. maybe its my hormones. i'm called 'granny' at work alot. i break out in sweats, hot flashes, and yes, i verbally assult who ever is responsible for making me spritz. sometimes the music is indeed too loud for my delicate ears, and again, back in granny mode, with a 'these kids and their music'.

however, thinking about getting older, and the idea of children makes me think about the future. what kind of old lady will i really be? i have often thought about it, and i've come to the conclusion that i will be fiercely fashionable, and have hardly aged well into my old age.

on another note, i would like to stay in bed one day. all day. i find it increasingly harder and harder to do so. i have this 'get up and go' feeling if i'm just laying around for too long. mommy clock? perhaps, but i would think maybe this is something that just sorta happens when we get older. granny? hmmm... so, for all those in favor of a stay in bed day, here's some inspiration. i love these beds....

sweet dreams lovies


  1. That's really funny. I think the "mommy arm" reflex is in danger of extinction because the kids aren't allowed in the front seat anymore. I'm glad to see you are keeping it alive! (and I'm sure your ipod is happy too!)

  2. the first and the last beds are my favorite...that room the first one is in...AMAZING...and the last one is amazing because it reminds me of a window seat and i always wanted a window seat to read my books....all those books and a bed are a dream world to me.

  3. at first i didnt know what the mommy arm reflext was... but now that i do... that's hysterical. mommy armed the ipod. LOL.


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