Monday, February 9, 2009

i am not proud. nor do i feel well. so, the actions i took today do come with a bit of consequence. and i am guilty as charged. now, i am aware of the immense backlash that i may suffer, upon the suffering taking place already. and what i'm about to admit, well, it might cause me shame. you may want to read slowly. maybe quickly. depends on how you handle unsettling news. i'm from the school of 'just rip the band aid off'.

today. i ate fast food. and i'll admit, it was horrible, from the first bite. and if you think thats bad, it only got worse. i ate like maybe half of my sandwich. but i was starving, and i was no where near a 'healthy' alternative. i figured it was the most un-disgusting thing on the menu. it was grilled, and white. i was sadly mistaken. however, the next hour or so of my life was deeply worsened. i felt like i had my head in a cloud. like at any moment i was going to collapse. i was thirsty like i've never been so before. i wanted to close my eyes, for they felt heavy. like 100 pound weights were attached to them. my lids were not of my control. my legs felt wobbly. my thought process, was just a blur. and i'm telling you, i must have looked stoned out of my mind as well. people were talking to me like i didn't come from this country. it was hell. a hell of my own creation.

this just proves that i will never. ever, ever, EVER eat that shit again. i will trudge on, and fight the hunger, i will prevail and never sink so low. i mean, what the hell?? how do people seriously eat this shit?


  1. This post made me want a Wendy's Baconator. Man that sounds good. As soon as Cole gets home I know where we are headed. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. ya i gotta say girl... i love me some fast food. not all the time, but sometimes. today i ate at jerry's with my neice and nephew. we had pizza, cheesesteak, wings and fries. WHAT? no regrets. i didnt really overeat? and it was amazing...

  3. ps. happy meal toys right now? HELLO KITTY!


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