Friday, February 6, 2009

another day, another year older. over night, i aged. and i didn't even flinch. i embraced it. i feel good. well, actually, i feel a little fuzzy today, but i have a night's worth of memories in my pocket, and sore cheeks from smiling. my throat is sore and my voice is hoarse from laughing. a sign of a truly great night. it doesn't take much to make a girl feel special, and the little over and above things that people do, make me shine. so, a quick thank you to all of you who just showed up. to the ones that gave me hugs with love. to my loving dennis for making me feel like a princess. to those of you who had faith in me to stay out past midnight, and to everyone else. thank you.

so, last night i made a wish or two. i wished for happiness for all my loved ones. i wished for the lost to be found, and for there to be enough light in the day to accomplish all the good the world needs right now. i hope that the winds of change will swoop in and give those in dire straits a lift. i wish for those who are hungry to catch a break. and i wish for people to speak with love. i think when you come from a place of love, you can't go wrong. there is enough good in the world to go around, you just have to tap into it. and maybe i'm all hopped up on good and love and all things gushy, because i feel the love. but it doesn't take much. go there. be there. be present.

my dearest friend is coming to visit today. i'm leaping out of my skin with excitement. i'm watching the clock, but its stuck. i haven't seen courtney in far too long. its going to be such a great weekend, an extension of the last couple of days. some girl time. hang time. laughing and talking, staying up all night. spilling guts. maybe even some tears. of laughter, of course. if you have a great girlfriend, cherish her. talk often, and openly. be honest. be true. our weekend is going to zip right by, but i look forward to every second of it. is it 3 yet?

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