Monday, February 2, 2009

sarah mclachlan is killing me. she absolutely brings me to tears. i am left helpless and sad and curled up around my little frankie, holding him tighter than natural. all day sunday, i found myself a little under the weather. so, i decided to become one with my new lovely, comfy, couch. the couch that it is literally impossible to find a bad spot on. its amazing. and as it turns out, just the thing for a day of channel surfing, and nose blowing.

so, as i settle into a marathon of one of my favorite tv shows, i realize that every other commercial is that gut wrenching, tear inducing, run out and save a kitten spot. now, i wouldn't even bat a lash at this, if i was watching any other channel. the 'we' channel, 'women's entertainment', or 'oxygen', yet another channel for women. or 'style' or 'lifetime', or any other channel that is remotely designed for the ladies. and while i'm on it, why are there so many channels just for women? are we the ones that really sit around and fondle remotes? nope! its because we are so complex, and clearly just one channel wouldn't do. we need variety. we need diversity. maybe while some of us prefer to watch movies made for tv about a women who is abused and then gets divorced, only to find love while snatching a baby from a hospital, and then the kid grows up and gets pregnant at 13, becomes a hooker and then finds her real dad only to have realized he never loved her like the man posing as her pimp. or something kinda like that.... or maybe we want to watch a whole day's worth of home renovations. with shitty wall murals or something. or, and this is a long shot, we want to watch people shoved into a box, judged, told they look busted, only to have a makeover of the century.... personally, i'd rather watch a woman with 8 kids talk shit to her husband, and chase the kids around with that bad haircut....

however, on this fine day, i plopped down and i watched a marathon on 'spike'. this is the channel that has that awful full contact fighting. shows about how to die awful deaths. shows with half naked women doing stupid things. a true' frat boy's channel. and they also show csi:las vegas. call me a purist, but this is the best series ever. you can keep the nyc and the miami ones... i'm keeping true to the o.g.

so, i'm watching dead bodies, autopsies, and other criminal freaky stuff. and just as we cut to commerical, and i'm left hanging on a cliff, BAM!!! sarah mclachlan strikes again!!! and again, and again. i counted atleast 2 times an hour. even dennis noticed.... i mean, its for a good cause, but you gotta give a girl a break. if everytime i saw this commerical and ran out and adopted a dog, i'd be in a serious pinch. if i sent money everytime i saw it, i'd be broke. now, i get it, its for a good cause, but its just sooooo sad!

so, go pick up a kitten. bring home a pup. or just send money. maybe if we all give a little the reign of terror that she's bestowing on us will end.

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