Wednesday, February 11, 2009

call it what you will, but this new 'paleo diet' is a bit strange. it seems to me, that its just a new hip name for the adkins diet. basically, you eat meat, fish,nuts, veggies-but no potatoes, fruits-mostly berries, and eggs. so, high protein, low carb. i was reading this blog on line the other day about this guy, who ate like this for a year. he apparently was over weight, had high blood pressure and was diagnosed with diabetes. no good. however, he documents the last year of his life where he actually lost a significant amount of weight, and claims to feel better than ever. he no longer craves pizza, bagels with cream cheese or anything else. now, that said, i wonder if he could have lost the weight without all the hoopla. i mean, did he have to change his eating habits so much that he would be able to concentrate? its not rocket science, when you eat healthy, you feel better, have more energy and are able to maintain a healthy weight. i guess some people love extremes. here's to ya!

i just thought i would share my latest obsession. i'm actually considering giving it a go. as a research project. a simple experiment. on one website they suggest starting slow. change one meal at a time. start with breakfast, and then after a week, do breakfast and lunch. then i suppose slowly drag dinner into the mix. it seems easy enough, yet, i do give into temptation rather easily.

i've been feeling the winds of change yet again. i've been reevaluating the way i dress and think about clothing. i've found some sources of inspiration, and they are, 'to die'. i want to throw away everything and start over. i want to have less to choose from, and have those few special items. don't you?

call me crazy, but there's just something about the color gray. i just think its lovely. the moodiness of it all is so appealing. i might have to mix in some brighter colors come summer, seeing how i do live in pastel paradise and all, but i will fight it til the end. i read in a book, or magazine or maybe even on a wall somewhere, that the way to dress is to keep it simple. find a color spectrum that suits you, and stick to it. mix in some special pieces here and there, but don't over do it. i don't know why i gravitate towards darker colors. maybe cause i'm just so full of sunshine...


  1. you know i think the trick with that diet is you wouldnt believe how many people think eating healthy still involves eating carbs. so wierd. in my opinion if you cut out carbs you will be leaner no matter what else you eat. carbs, unhealthy fats, and sugar. easy right?

    i've also been rethinking my wardrobe. yesterday when i was home sick i started organizing my stuff and throwing things out. i hang on to things i don't wear or that need to be fixed and never will get fixed etc. i'm purging. purge, purge, purge! i want a cleaner healthier style of living.

  2. i'm forced to admit my favorite color to wear is beige.

  3. Hey, what's the name of the designer those pictures of the runway are from?



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