Thursday, January 22, 2009

movement. watching these pictures makes me want to stand up straight. touch my toes. leap through the air, effortlessly. the dedication to movement goes with out statement. like delicate little ribbons running from the tips of the fingers all through their bodies down to their toes. a long beautiful ribbon. something that just flows with every little thought. no work here, just grace. makes me think about my new mantra. 'i choose to make this easy'. and you should too. its simple in theory. it is. just float. just lift your thoughts, and move forward. while i sit here in my cozy nook. and i watch as the blue skies shine on, i often wonder about other people living their lives, and wish i could take a peek. i mean, how does everyone live so differently, yet we coexist so seamlessly, or do we? i went through a box of tissues last week. but what if i only had the one. could i make it last? or what if this cup of coffee that i casually sip on, was my only drink today. how do people end up there? i think somewhere in our mid twenties, we start to fear becoming homeless. like all of a sudden the world is out for us. its a dark and evil place, and yes, you too, can end up on the streets. because it is a choice. and you chose to make it very difficult.

and yet, you go on. you live that life. you buy stuff you don't need. you eat food that you've never heard of. you waste. you splurge. you consume. you keep moving. its just a race, you've gotten caught up in. but you live for it. and you just keep on going. nobody can tell you otherwise. you've also made a choice. you look around and see that you've caught up with yourself, the image of you that you have always wanted to be. but are you happy? did you get all those things that would make you happy? did you paint the perfect picture? is it? isn't it? behind all those fancy things, is the truth, the core. you have to be honest with yourself. and while those little things are oh so nice to look at, they are not going to make you happy. yet, try telling that to the little man dressed in layers pushing around a shopping cart loaded up with garbage. his worldly possessions.

and in the end, they will say, 'she had great stuff'. i can only hope they simply mean, ideas. at the end of my life, i would hope to not look back at all my things, but instead all my loved ones. i've chosen to have a life full of love, and light. hope and happiness. i choose to make this easy. what will be your choice?

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  1. mines to have fun. i was thinking about how i do all this stuff and i always want to do it well whether its bake a cake, have a convo, snowboard etc... even when the stuff is supposed to be fun i forget to have fun cause i'm so busy trying to be good at it. dear god! LOL. what a waste! like what if i made the worst cake ever but it was fun? or what if i fell all the way down the mountain and banged my head but had a good laugh about it later... too many serious bones in this body...ima have more fun. i knew it before i saw it but leaping in the air in city streets? totally fun... !


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