Tuesday, October 2, 2012

i realize i'm late to this party, but i just watched the last episode ever. i wanted something to happen. something big. i feel happy for everyone, in the end they all got what they wanted. maybe except nancy, and isn't that the point? i have so many question for her.

here's a letter the actress, whom i just simply adore, wrote to her character nancy...

"I hope you are doing better than the last time I saw you. I can't imagine you have changed much despite incarceration, fetching little recidivist that you are. You know I mean that with love...
"Your moral compass will always give you a fake speed limit. Use it. Drink up that narcissism juice and burn rubber, baby. Don't ever change. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if you grew a conscience, but what's more, I have grown to love you. We have only two or three things in common despite sharing a body, but that doesn't seem to matter. I don't feel like quitting you just yet. Anyways, I am keeping your stuff safe. Send news.

today i will be rolling around with the idea that something i spent so much time with is gone. and i'll be ok, and we will all be ok. i'd like to say thank you to nancy, for being slutty, clever, brash, naive, incredibly stupid, always having great hair, and never thinking twice about all that diet coke is doing to your insides. keep the dream alive.


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