Monday, September 17, 2012

me and the sir have bought a house. what can i say? the kids are growing up so fast these days... ha! just in case you need a refresher, we are planning a wedding, which is soon approaching, and we have bought a house all in one glorious year. i mean, the whole process happened pretty quick. we put our house on the market, and poof! in two weeks it sold. what can i say, we had a freak of a realtor, who not only killed the sale,  she brought a party favor to the closing...

best. realtor. ever. seriously, i was actually craving this piece of shit cookie cake just days prior to her magically showing up with it. i was sure i was put on, but alas the universe has steered us in so many right directions, and then this.  

so our new house is magical too. first, the house number is matt's birthday backwards. the street is my hometown, the house was built the year i was born, and have i mentioned that its freakin' perfect???? i mean, its like they picked every detail out of my head and put it into this house. i love it. i seriously love it. if i was a homebody before, i'm only going to get worse... i will be home, if you need me. and if you do, you can come over, maybe. 

so, now comes the nesting phase. i am so into this decorating, it should be a my job. i just am so inspired to pick out all the right things for my spaces. so far so good. matt is great, he pretty much has given me creative freedom. i probably should let him pick out a few things... but we'll see. 

joined the YMCA. actually there is two near the house. we are right in the middle of them. tried out a spin class and almost died. its also been about two years since i did it. i was the youngest one in there, and pretty much had to leave, or die after thirty minutes. i left. not a proud moment, but i'm sure i made a few old ladies feel super great. 

so, we are in the middle of planning a wedding... we are about to book our honeymoon. we are either going here:

or here......

i know, tough call. i'll keep you posted during this trying time, while we cope with the pressure of making sure we make the right choice... please pray.


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