Monday, March 19, 2012

sorta wish i held onto an extra box of thin mints. my mother didn't allow me to join the girl scouts, something about the religious aspects of it. i just wanted the cookies, and the uniform. yes, believe it or not as a youngster all i wanted to do was conform to what society told me i should do, be or think. like a robot. i wanted to be popular, a cheerleader, a pretty girl, and boy crazy. what i really should've been doing was plotting my escape. i regret not really getting it until now, realizing that i am truly a late bloomer. i had no concept of doing well in school and how that would enable me to travel far away. i just wanted what i wanted when i wanted it. ya dig?

well, i suppose i could should all over myself, and regret some of my bigger wrong choices, but where's the fun in that? i mean, i enjoy the mini why did i do that fest riddled with anxiety from time to time, but i'm all grown up now, and the price was paid, and really, i think life turned out pretty sweet.

cliche yes, but i feel like i could relate to all of the characters in breakfast club. i wanted to be the basket case prom queen. the smart criminal, and even the jock. i suppose all those people are somewhere in me, and from time to time show up depending on my mood.

so, anyone got any thin mints??

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