Tuesday, March 27, 2012

oprah likes to call these 'a-ha' moments, i like to call them, reality according to me moments...

so the other day, matt and i were over at nordstrom's rack. he was looking for suits i was just looking... i was in the zone, which if you know me i am quite the hunter when i shop. i should hang a do not disturb sign around my neck, i need all my senses alert and undistributed in order to find exactly what i had no idea i was looking for. ya dig? so, i was heading down a path, searching, searching, searching....when BAM! my little path was suddenly crossed by what i imagine was a woman from an upper middle class family, dressed well, but once i got sight of her fucked up, overly plastic, stretched way too tight face, i totally freaked out. i mean, i've seen this a million times, but up so close was just startling. in fact, i did startle, and i think at the same time her eyebrows raised at my startle, but who really knows, maybe those brows were stretched there?? anyways, it occurred to me at that moment, that my reaction to her was a very typical reaction those crazy white ladies have towards me once they notice the tattoos... so i ask you, what the hell?? let me get this straight, society, deems it acceptable to alter one's appearance on their faces, rendering them emotionless bags of flesh, yet if i want to tattoo my skin with beautiful works of art, i'm the freak?

ok, got it. just making sure. you're welcome.

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  1. Haha I've made this comparison with my parents before. My own mom (who hates my tattoos) has had plastic surgery, which is also permanent. And while she doesn't look at all like the woman you're describing, it's still the principle, since her main concern over tattoos is that they permanently alter one's appearance.


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