Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ok, ok, ok.....

back to work. hard work. body in motion, pushing and pulling work. i gotta say, i love it. i have all the right players in line, and now i just have to push myself towards it. i have only one goal, which is to be in the best shape of my life. i think its attainable. no more of this work out to eat like shit, not that i did, but i know how it goes. i have a personal trainer, who i actually like, and could consider a friend. he makes me do things that i would never make myself. that's the point, right??

i simply refuse to be one of those old ladies that is round and hunched over. i refuse to get old with out a fight. i want to be in shape forever, and stay fit, and teach my children(if and when) that its so important to stay active, and eat right. with the growing population, and i don't mean more people, i mean people growing outwards, its just getting to be where everyone is out of shape, and its so sad to me. especially the kids. they can't cook for themselves, and they learn from examples. lets be good examples people!!!

lastly, the final part of the equation, i have returned back to my beloved pilates. it was so lovely, walking through the door and having one of the girls actually say 'welcome home'. so sweet! i have a great instructor, who apparently has plans for me, can't wait to feel the burn! she's adorable, and funny, and i really like that she's fresh and wanting to push me pretty hard. i feel like its a great team up!

with everything all lined up, all i have to do is show up, work hard and keep my goals in mind. sounds easy, right? right.

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