Monday, January 24, 2011

ever get so pissed you just want to scream? how about directly into someones face? i can only imagine how that must feel. i think one of these days, i'm going to be pushed into this situation. it won't be pretty, and i'm willing to bet moments after, i will regret my actions. but for those split seconds, my money's on damn, that felt awesome. i think i have a plan on how i'm going to make my millions. ready? ok, so, sorta like a firing range, only you bring in shit to throw and break, and scream at while you do it. you go into your own private garage type room, where you have an assortment of goodies to break. total anger management. it can be plates, glasses, ipods, laptops, whatever is pissing you off. and you can direct all that anger how ever you see fit. while you are in there breaking shit, screaming your lungs out with what i would imagine to be absolute profanity, letting it all out, getting rid of any anger, a calm will start to come over you. that's when you walk into a less sterile environment, where you can pet puppies, or get a manicure, or a massage. or whatever. and before you go, everyone gets a hug. sounds pretty good to me, who's in?


  1. I could have used one of these places this morning. I'm so in.

  2. Several years ago, reflecting on the song "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit, I told my (now ex)husband that we should open a place where people could somewhat safely do just that: break stuff. I could imagine the plates and fine china shattering much to the delight of pissed off people. Much more satisfying and cheaper than any psychiatric treatment.

    When it's over, puppy therapy sounds nice.

    I'm with you.


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