Tuesday, January 25, 2011

dear santa,

here's the beginning of my birthday wish list. so far, as you can see, i only have two items on the list. but, wait, there's more....

for my birthday this year, i would like it very much to never have to ever fill out another form for the rest of my life. i absolutely hate when i have to, its almost like i get offended, and i actually do get pissed. this morning at my doctor's office, i told her that i had moved and that my address had changed. she told me i had to fill out these two huge forms, so that they could update my file. i told her the only thing that changed was my address, and she just sorta looked at me like i said the funniest thing ever. i fucking hate filling out forms so much, that i seriously scribble all my information. i mean, if in the event that they needed that info, i suppose i'm fucked.

oh, here's one more thing for my birthday list... yes, and ipod. i've been in dire need of one for sometime. you see, my ipod took a fatal leap of a treadmill a while ago, and i've just never made the point to go out and get a new one. now, i realize that they are no long that much money, but i guess other stuff has always come first. on this note, i also need a computer wizard to help me get all my old music off some cdr's and dump it onto my computer and safely into my itunes. i don't think i'm asking for much, i just don't know how the hell to do it.

other than that santa, i would like to enjoy celebrating the day my mother expelled me from her uterus with friends and fun. some drinks and good food. something low key, and maybe even a dance party would be nice. i'm not asking for much. maybe even a little smoochy smoochy on the big night.... so santa, see what you can do about that. thanks, love ya!

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