Friday, May 7, 2010

i guess at the end of the day, everyone is going through something. at any given time you will encounter a person who seems like all is great, but just below the surface, there is a delicate little snag, just waiting for you to pull it. and when its all said and done, how can you resist? we all have our flaws, we all have our errors, but i guess the beauty of this, is allowing ourselves to let someone in. as hard as it is to admit, we really need each other. and thats really what life is about. learning to love yourself, is the hardest lesson. letting someone see you for who you are, thats an even harder challenge... today, i'm going to be aware of whats just below the surface, and practice patience, love and understanding. because we are all going through something together.


  1. crazy, i almost wrote a blog the other day about how we should all just shut the fuck up and be nice to one another.. because you never know what kind of day people are having or what they're going through.

  2. ooo honey, aren't we all... but the biggest thing I have learned is "emotional intelligence" pretty much, not to loose your $h*t and how to react/handle situations.

  3. absolutely beautifully written. -kim


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