Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's day. yes yes, a whole day for love, and snuggles and sex, and most of all, sentiments of chocolate and flowers. i say bring it! my man spoiled me rotten! which, he does everyday, and today was no exception. of course our valentines started last night....

first, we ate at ravenous pig, and we pigged out. we ate everything. i'm serious. they had to close down after we ordered due to the fact that they were wiped out.

maybe i'm over exaggerating, but only a little. we had a bit of a sea creature theme running with our food choices. mussels, lobster and shrimp. delish! the mussels came out first, and lemme tell you, they are no joke about portion size. would've made a meal out of just those little guys, or maybe i should say girls. you know what i mean. they looked like little beige vagina. tasty little beige colored vagina.


not so funny

next were the lobster tacos and shrimp and grits. i inhaled one taco and forced myself to eat a little bit of the grits and shrimp. and holey moley, was it good!!! my mouth was so overwhelmed, yet my stomach was screaming stop! stop! i was conflicted, yet sedated by the sexy food i just devoured. what can i say? food is sexy, and i love to eat.

after dinner, the mysterious rock dude and myself headed over to a friend's house, where we were greeted by an assortment of people. all artists, i'm sure. whatever, it was close parking to our next spot. where was that you ask? well, nude nite of course!!

walking in 35 degree weather, in my new open toe high heels,(yes, i said high heels) was a very stupid idea. but the outfit needed those shoes! so we stumble along the cobblestone street, solo cup in one hand and my other hand, well, i'm not sure, i think it froze and fell off along with my tits somewhere along the way. anyways, we arrive, and mind you, the walk was only like 5 minutes, felt like a lifetime... and guess what? a line. not just any line, a really fucking long line. like, a ridiculous line. a line i refused to stand in, and allow more body parts to freeze and fall off. so, i did what every little punk does and marched my important ass right thru the exit, boyfriend in tow. of course this type of stunt requires two things, attitude, and arrogance. seeing how i dated both of those guys a while ago, i figured i put it to use. BINGO! in like flynn. of course MRD (mysterious rock dude) gets stopped after i've cleared the door. he seems flustered, clearly in his many, many, many(sorry babe) years of experience, he still hasn't mastered this one. so i just went over and grabbed him and said come on.

seriously, this wasn't a move to skip out on paying. this was simply for the sake of my little frozen toes,tits and ass. i'm writing the check, just tell me where to mail it.

so, once we were in, it was tits, ass and wieners every where. there was also some pretty fancy art. i think my favorite was the little note about dorthy, from wizard of oz. she was naked squatting over a twister game(get it? twister!) and the little note said something along these lines..."my name is dorthy, i ride my bike, play with my dog and do all those things a girl does. i was bored out of my twat."

thank you dorthy, thank you.

of course the quote of the night came from MRD. when we were leaving we walked by this black boy with dreads, who just finished performing some sexy brazilian fight dance with some other pretty boys. he was wearing pants on stage, but here he stood, in his birthday suit, and MRD says,"oh, looks like he's only half black." amazing.

( just in case you don't get it)

so, that was our night. the rest is too kinky and x-rated to speak of. i can tell you're a little curious, so i'll fill you in just a bit....

i got a nasty allergy attack, took a benedryl and passed the hell out. sexy, right?

don't worry kids, we made up for it this morning... just in case you were wondering....

happy valentine's day.... xo

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