Friday, January 29, 2010

after all these years, i still can't figure out how to properly shave my knees. i think hairy knees are making a come back, and you can tell them you heard it here first.

other than some rogue hairs, life is pretty freakin' spectacular. just got back from the most wonderful, amazing, delicious, silly, sexy, funny, lovely vacation. me and my man hoped in the car and drove our little asses to n'awlins. i recommend this trip to everyone. i fucking love that city. its dirty, dark and everyone loves to eat and drink and just hang out and be silly. i'd move there, except for one little thing. i like my liver and waistline right where they are... however, the food was absolutely divine, i haven't had that much good food in one weekend in quite a while. i'm on a strict nuts and berries diet to make up for all the french doughnuts, alligator po'boys, and of course the drinkies. all in all it was a flawless trip.

so, here's something i was thinking about the other day. i recently ordered about 11 pairs of socks from this great little company called happy socks and lemme tell you, they are fucking brilliant. i love them. not only are they comfy, but they pretty much rule my life. in fact, i'm willing to bet that i'm a happier person every day that i wear them. i look forward to looking into my sock drawer and saying, ''where are my happy little socks?'' however, it occurred to me that the day (and its coming soon) that i'm out of happy socks to wear, what am i going to do? and so i thought to myself, ''i guess i'll wear some pretty fucking miserable socks''. hilarious.

the other thing i was thinking about, while peeing in a public bathroom somewhere in new orleans, in what seemed to be the bowels of all bathrooms, when did it stop being ok to sit on the toilet. like, who was the first lady to say, better not sit, you'll catch something. and on that note, who was the first to say, you can't catch anything from a toilet??? i'd like to know! this bothers me. i mean, i don't mind the work out, but its a bitch to do a squat while you take a piss. are you with me on this one ladies??

i have a birthday looming. its not a biggie, its more of an inbetweener. nonetheless, i'm looking forward to the festivities.

life is pretty fucking spectacular.


  1. ughh.... that toilet you posted hails from thailand. or at least that's all i could find when i was there. needless to say i didn't ever sit on it like that, i just treated it like a public restroom here and squatted over it. oh ya, and there are no flushers. just a bucket of water and a ladle, and you pour water in and let gravity flush the toilet.
    and that is your international toilet lesson for the day.

  2. i sit on one dry corner of the toilet. takes some of the weight off but minimizes exposure "just in case." LOL.


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