Thursday, December 17, 2009

in the spirit of the holidays, i decided to compile a short but sweet list of some items that i wouldn't mind receiving. so, here we go....

1. a cute, and wonderfully odd gnome table. or as my mother likes to call them, 'midgets'. i have a few of these little guys laying around my apartment, but i think this table would be the real gem of the collection.

2. i don't know why, but these shades speak to me.

3. lately been thinking this would be a fun hobby. so, yea, why not.

4. yeah, yeah, i know, i know. but why not aim high. i love my little pc, but maybe its time to make a switch. i blame iphone. now i want all mac stuff. its a pyramid scheme, and i'm a sucker.

5. i can has a spa day?

6. i don't want the store, just alot of whats in it. i love zara. its heaven. a shopping spree? why yes!!

7. the lomo diana. its a camera. its fantastic. i likes.

8. and of course, world peace.

so, there it is. a short list of a few things, realistic and not so much that i would love. i am also accepting gifts of all shapes and sizes. i would even like something handmade, especially if it sparkles....

and of course, the gift of friendship is pretty spectacular too. happy holidays....


  1. ooo, i would love the hottest of stones on my back...

  2. i'll have what you're having! :)


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