Monday, November 30, 2009

how ya like my new little pic?? well, its not me, i'm not sure how old it is, but i can totally relate. so, i had a variety of random thoughts today. sometimes, they just flood in and out of my head and i just focus on a few things that tend to stand out. first, i would like to take this opportunity to say how much i really love my iphone. i downloaded the pandora radio app, and HOT DAMN!! i love it. i listened to the beastie boy station today at the gym. they play all kinds of tunes that are exactly what i like when i'm working out. of course, during my stretches at the end of the work out, i put on the ambient grooves. yea, i said it. anyways, its a fun little toy and i'm really lovin' it.

the other day, i went to the grocery store, thankfully this visit was fart free. i've started doing most of my food shopping at whole foods, since i try to eat mostly organic healthy things, its makes sense. also, they have tons of dairy free yummies. so, i totally got sucker punched by that brand alexis. they make all kinds of frozen treasures, and i'm sure they never turn out a bad product, however i'd like to complain about some false advertising. i grabbed a bag, and i was so excited to see what was inside, cause on the outside, it said 'potato nuggets'. i'm thinking, fuck yeah. but alas, they are just tater tots. gimme a break.

i'd like to take a moment to comment on thanksgiving. first, i don't like turkey, won't eat it and frankly don't really see the draw to it. however, thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite holidays, and here's why.... first of all, you are sitting around a table, eating your weight in home made goodness. mashed potatoes, stuffing, veggie casseroles, warm bread, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, etc, etc. so, here's what i don't get, why do people claim they 'survived' thanksgiving. in my opinion, all you have to do is show up, eat then take a nap. if you seriously think that this is a holiday in which survival is a pressing issue, you are doing it wrong. my thanksgiving was fucking amazing. i mean, i walked in, was handed a glass with vodka and a splash of soda, and then sat down, told jokes, dirty ones too, talked about music and make out sessions with an 18 year old, ate, then ate some more, and then went home and passed the fuck out. FUCKING FABULOUS.

the only down side to this otherwise perfect day, was my poor dad. even though all he could do was sit there, due to the pain and spasms all over his body, i'm sure he partied as well. i mean, i did get him two huge plates of food, and i'm pretty sure he was loaded up on pain meds... i suppose seeing him wince in pain from time to time was pretty rotten. and also the fact that his sexy car is completely totaled. but i have to say the saddest thing was him showing up in a kia.

so, my weekend was also pretty epic. my neighbor and i decided, during a drunken stupor to upgrade our status, and i'm not talking about facebook, myspace or any other distraction. i mean, he and are a legitimized couple. woo hoo!! that boy done put a spell on me, and i'm all googly eyed and tongue tied. and of course, i love every minute of it! team awesome.


  1. I think maybe the people "surviving" the holidays are the ones hosting it. I mean, I had ten people over last week and half of them were in-laws. And since my mother in law is a little OCD (or CDO, since she's crazy enough to have a disorder in alphabetical order) I had to spend the day cooking AND cleaning.

    Attending a party is way better than throwing your own. No standards to claw your way up to and all...


    Love your blog! Kiss- steph

  2. uh oh... Cute Couple alert!


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