Tuesday, July 14, 2009

maybe the dolphins i saw weren't exactly jumping this high out of the water, but i definitely saw them jump. it was early in the morning on long boat key. me and my step mom were out walking around and walked down to a marina. the boats were huge with silly names. i was having a dexter moment. it was kinda cool. so, were talking and walking and out of nowhere, these dolphins just jump right out of the water. and they swam by us and jumped some more. of course, being the gracious host, i thank my step mom for the magnificent show. it was magic.

in fact the whole weekend was just lovely. spending time with my step mom was easy and relaxing. we sat on the beach under and umbrella the whole day. i mean it! from around 11 till about 6 at night. it was a gorgeous day. just heaven. i've never been much of a nap taker, but i managed to doze on and off all day. i'd say i embodied the island spirit. no problem became me.

i look forward to the second half of my week. i miss my girl coco. stay tuned for part two, and of course our photos....

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