Monday, July 6, 2009

and so it has begun....

i have found my latest obsession. i will run a marathon of time spent on my couch watching every episode. i will absorb it all, and love every edge of my seat minute. looking forward to being frustrated, annoyed, pissed, and of course confused.

in other adventure news, my vacation is right around the corner! hell yes!! long over due, much needed, real long vacation. i haven't had a whole week off since last summer, but that was two months of hard core recovery....

speaking of, july 7th marks the one year anniversary for my little foot. we made it! a whole year. i can't believe it. i talked to my mom today, and she reminded me how she said, a year from now it will all seem like a bad dream. well, i can say it does seem like that, but its still very much a present situation for me. i still have pain, but its less. i still have to know my limitations, and except it. but, a year from now, it will all be gone. right?

i tried on high heels today. well, actually they weren't that high, but they were soooo beautiful. magenta suede with a little square 2inch heel. i die. i wanted them so bad. but i couldn't even take a step. and standing still just ain't gonna work. and then as i took them off, i wondered where in the hell could i wear these? work? nope. out to dinner? sure, if thats it then straight home. i know that in another year i'll have fancy shoes again. so instead, i bought another pair of flat black sandals. i love them, but its a different kind of love.

i met a boy. and i like him. more on that in a week or so.

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