Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the other day, i went to check in on my sweet friend amy. she's bed bound, in the hospital getting pumped full of drugs to keep her pregnant. you see, she's at 30 weeks with triplets. now, as a single woman, who hasn't had any children, this until now, meant nothing to me. however, i now know that, even a 'singleton' baby has to reach at least 30 weeks. so, for her, its a true feat. anyways, she's uncomfortable, sick of the food at the hospital and they keep making her eat. now i ask you, where in the hell is she supposed to put the food?!! she's just out of room in that belly!! she doesn't even know where her organs are anymore! on a much more fun note, she's having three little girls. and i mean, they weigh like 3 pounds right now. i can't even wrap my mind around three babies. shit, one freaks me out....

my mind is melting away in this heat. but its really just the humidity, right? so, what do you do? you goto the beach! next month, which really couldn't get here fast enough i'm taking a real vacation. i'm spending time with two of my favorite people in two amazing places. first part of the week is here in florida, in st.pete. midweek hurry home, and jump on a plane to the BAHAMAS!!! i'm totally in dire need of a reality escape. i want to achieve mind like water. i want to become one with the sea. i want to have some cutie pie bring me fruity drinks while i sit in the sun and think about absolutely nothing...

so, here's some mid week entertainment... enjoy!

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  1. kol it alright love it 2 plus its funny had me crackin up lol dis ya boi dt from philly real talk


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