Thursday, May 7, 2009

this morning i was driving a friend to work. its a lovely florida morning. not too hot yet, but warm. i was sitting there at a red light, when i suddenly could hear sirens approaching. and there it was, a magnificently red fire truck. it was almost as if time stopped and the truck was moving in slow motion. as i sat there and starred at the boys aboard, i felt a sudden pang of desire. i am absolutely having a love affair with firefighters. its not a rescue thing, its much more carnal. its filthy and i love it. these boys are barbarians. fearlessly going into burning buildings, while all we do is scream and cry with debilitating fear. with the grace of ballerinas, and the courage of a pride of lions, they do what they do, and i am in the midst of a fantasy.....

i've got some matches.


what do you think?