Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a little bit of me is here in all these girls. i exist only in my ability to morph and change. and i can with the weather, with my mood, with my surroundings. like a chameleon. i'm discovering little bits of myself again. i'm learning and growing. i'm embracing new views, and looking forward to new experiences. i'm making a list of all the things that i'm going to do. not in the future, the present. little things, and big. i feel fearless and i feel strong. i feel everything in my being. i feel centered and open. i think i've reached my happy place. its a nice little nook in the world. and its mine.


  1. awesome! I love the crazy red hair and the last photo.

  2. i love the two girls in their nightgowns. they remind me of sisters and the girl on the rt reminds me of me!


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