Sunday, March 15, 2009

this week was a bit longer than normal. i feel like i squeezed in a couple of extra days in there. maybe because i was on vacation. maybe because i went out a few nights. maybe i'm just feeling the reality of my age. the pain gets worse when i don't sleep. and this week i didn't. i had alot on my mind. and then dennis left town this weekend. however, he didn't leave without leaving me some friendly reminders...

in the fridge, on the coffee pot, in the shower, and inside the pillow case. very cute indeed.

so, last weekend, we were in puerto rico. it was perfect. it was relaxing, and upon returning to the 8 lane highway i affectionately call my life, i wondered why exactly it was that we came back. the food was cheap and delicious. the beach was beautiful and calm. everything was laid back, and refreshing. i've decided that its time to get back to my original plan. i decided a few years ago that once a year i will travel to an island. or an island type location. clear water, tropical beaches, and food that i can only experience in that specific area. it doesn't have to be a long winded trip, just a quick 4 day getaway.

did i ever tell you that when i was a child, i thought rod stewart was my brother? i was certain he was. saying those world aloud sounds a little crazy right about now, but when i was small, i was convinced. you see, my parents, they had record albums. they kept them at the bottom of our bookshelf, right below some family pictures. for some reason, a rod stewart one was always faced out. and i would be giving my 'imaginary' friends a tour of the house. oh, i should mention that i thought i lived in a museum when i was a kid. we had rooms nobody was allowed to sit in. i think this rule mostly was for me, and my dirty little kid hands, but none the less, i thought it was all set up, you know, for tours. so, i would guide my 'friends' through the house, explaining this and that, making up stories about pieces of art, or furniture. then, we'd come to the bookshelf. i would explain the details of the pictures, adding more each time. then we'd come to the bottom shelf, and i'd say, 'and this is my brother. he's a little older than me, so he doesn't live here, but we miss him very much.' and then i'd kiss the album. i am totally serious.

this image has some strong childhood memories attached to it. laugh it up, but its true. i will always cherish my childhood, when was the last time you made something up, and were able to believe it with all your heart??


  1. I just absolutely love you! Ruth Ann :)

  2. HA! awesome. i can totally picture you doing this. kissing the album and everything...


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