Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sometimes no news is good news. and sometimes bad news is just rotten. even if its a shot in the dark. the raw reality is a beast. i heard awful news tonight. not a close friend, but a person who i had conversations with. not in many years, but some time ago. someone who's face is still quite fresh in the mind. just one of those faces i suppose. i could name a few other details too. sadly, this is where the story ends. i have experienced death of loved ones and family. at some point you begin to prepare for this. you even begin to think of your own personal death. its not pretty, but its just how it is. no matter how it happens, you just didn't see it coming. i was not too close to her, but still she was a girl, with a face, and a heart. and now she is a memory, and i find this very sad.

to all girls everywhere, you are beautiful. you are amazing. and i will not forget that.

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