Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i think at some point in my early years, i thought i could become a french woman. i listened to french music, attempted to learn the language, and began my journey into discovering fashion. i would smoke cigarettes, and drink red wine. i would eat very little bites of my food, and tried to pout. but alas, i was still very american. no harm in trying. what is it about the french woman? she's just so glamours, so beautiful, so unapologetic, she's just so.

so, instead i'll just settle for the little imperfections that make up me. i'm clumsy. i have horrible balance. i'm only somewhat fluent in two languages. (english included) but, the sun will set and then rise back up, and i will be thankful for every day that i'm here. i cherish all those beauties surrounding me, the flaws, the scars and the missteps....

here's to the start of yet another great week on this planet. face your challenges head on, gracefully. hold your head up high, and smile. and give a little more when you think you should hold back. do something that scares you a little. be honest. be open. and mostly, love unconditionally...


  1. remind me to tell you the "fry the fries!" battle cry. LOL.

  2. i love this...great advice T.
    Keep it coming-yours is a sincere & succinct perspective!


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