Monday, February 1, 2016

A letter to my daughter

Dearest little one, 

  I love you, you are my greatest success. Without you I would be lost. In such a short time, you have become the most important reason to live each day to the fullest. My hope is to bring you up in a world that has hope, love and wonderment. Never stop being curious. Always be kind, be compassionate and have patience with other humans. People will be mean, hurtful and cruel. Rise above and stand proudly knowing you can raise your voice for good instead of your fist in opposition. Love blindly, with an open heart. Use logic, but listen to your gut. When the day comes for you to spread your delicate wings and fly out on your own adventure, be brave. It takes a lot of courage to go out into the unknown. You're not alone. I am always with you, and you are always with me. Even in your darkest moments when the weight of the world feels like it will crush your soul, I will be there to shed some light. When you feel like all you've done is fail, and maybe you have, it's ok. You will find the right path again. And when the time comes for you to come home and reboot, that's ok too. You are my wild, don't forget to live. You are my treasure, don't forget your worth. You are my heart, and I love you. 


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