Saturday, March 16, 2013

hello hello!

just a little quickie update, only because i'm just so damn gun shy about this as of late.... i mean, what could i possibly have to offer and put out into the world? i could divulge some of the deep steamy secrets that my clients offer me, but that seems cold and careless. i could tell all about how married life has changed my outlook on life, but has it? i mean, i have this great guy, and he makes everything better, and i can't live with out him, but i still struggle with the day to day anxieties that make me human. i stumble through life with my head up high and my little tits out and i greet each day with high hopes and wait for the ceiling to drop. the ground beneath my feet is still a rocky terrain, but i have a hand at the end of it all, to hold, and to be held, and that dear people, is why i married the man i did. he is my rock, my balance, my heart, my love, my sounding board, and when all is lost, he makes it light.

do you suddenly change when your marital status does? no. you don't. i will tell you that i often times have a life experience, whether it is a conversation, or see something funny, or hear a horrible story, and i realize that later on in the day, i will go into it at about the half way mark, with him and realize he wasn't actually there, and has no fucking clue what i'm talking about. but it was like he was there, and my brain cannot process the fact that he wasn't. he has become and extension of myself. he's part of me. did a wedding and a document binding us by law create these feelings. no. i did.

i'll take this time to introduce you to a dear friend of mine...

she's a rare gem, and a wonderful woman.

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