Saturday, June 23, 2012

juuuust a quick update, since i really haven't had the time to do so....

put the house on the market. two days later, it sells. if all goes well, we will be homeless on july 20. soon to be husband and i house hunt pretty much every saturday and monday in hopes of finding our dreamy house. fingers crossed. please, and thanks.... 

did i mention that i am also still in the process of planning my wedding? oh, well yes i am. about to send out the save the dates. working on figuring out our invitations, all thru the wonderful world of etsy. speaking of, do you use pay pal? i'm pretty sure i got hacked thru that lovely site. i am officially boycotting it. and i would do the same, if you are wise. apparently some little shit wanted to goto the nba play offs, on my dime. well, that'll show you mofo. i canceled the card, got a new one, called the ticket company and told them it was fraud, all within an hour. i fucking love technology. now, i am waiting every so impatiently for my damn money to come back to me safe and sound. here's the most disturbing part. the ticket company had my cell phone number, home address and credit card number. sorta wondering what else they got....creepy stuff.

so, on the very very very happy upside, i'm nuzzled up to a sweet little morsel of loving named larry. he's the neighbor's boston terrier that i offered to puppy sit. he's four months old, and he is seriously sooo sweet. i love him. and yes, i will give him back. 

its almost been a year since my beloved frankie has passed. its hard to believe, and i don't care what they say, it has not gotten easier or further from my heart. he is still in my every day, every moment i breathe, try to sleep and every thought eventually leads to him.  i will probably never get over him, i accept that. 


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