Sunday, February 12, 2012

so, what was i saying again??? oh yea, i went down to the cayman with my boyfriend for a week. we hung out everyday on a beautiful beach. we ate decadent food at mesmerizing restaurants. journeyed all over the island. saw some of the most amazing sights. and on our last night there, under a full moon, sitting on a beach dining inches away from the sea, sitting in the sand on a fluffy cushion, my boyfriend asked me to marry him....and i said YES!!!

so, this is the beach where i sat pretty much everyday for a week. totally sucky, i know.... seriously, i was in heaven, and i even went into the water a bit. of course on our last day, i saw a shark in the water.....

ok, so maybe it didn't actually look like this, but in my mind it might as well be, cause i'm horrified of sharks. so maybe it was only one of those types of sharks that you can actually 'swim with' and maybe it was a small one, but to that i say fuck that shit. a shark is a shark is a shark... matt tried his hardest to convince me that it was a big fish. not buying it... nope. uh uh.

so, after landing, we walked across the street to pick up our trusty stead. this being a light blue roller skate looking contraption posing as a car. not only do they drive on the left, the driver sits on the right, or something like that, you know what i mean, its whatever they do over in england. its tricky, nerve wracking and thankfully not a lot of traffic.... in the end, i learned to love our little go cart. she will be missed. all 28 inches of her.

so, my birthday was on day two of our trip. the wonderful boyfriend had a whole day planned for us. first a very very very incredible brunch over at the ritz, which is located on the seven mile beach.... (this post is interactive, please feel free to click on the 'red' words...) pretty shitty accommodations... i kid i kid. but seriously, the place was amazing. like, everywhere you walk it smells of flowers. nice touch. so, we eat beyond a normal amount, naturally, cause we are americans, and then head back over to our little corner of the island. the whole island is about an hour across. we were staying on the east end of the island. its a little more quiet, and not so 'americanized'. i actually loved it. so, matt had us booked for massages. can i say holy shit, best massage of my LIFE. seriously, monica from romania, bless you. she ruled. hands down. so, for my birthday, matt gives me a lovely compass necklace, and on the back is a map of the area on the island we were staying on. you just can't top this! seriously, i'm fucked.

i did mention we had some amazing food, right?? ok, so about halfway through our week, matt takes me to probably one of the most incredible places i've ever been. first of all, he had been emailing back and forth with the chef to make sure he was totally clear about the fact that we are vegetarians. i mean, come on! so, we arrive at osetra bay and i am just totally blown away. this place is a true pantie dropper, there must be a celebrity hanging around here, seriously, where am i type of a place. stunning, really stunning. what did we eat you ask? oh, just a 7 COURSE VEGETARIAN MEAL SPECIALLY PREPARED FOR US BY THE CHEF. no biggie. and holy moly was it amazing. so we stuffed our faces, sat watched the moonrise, which i may add is a very big deal down there. in fact, this brings me to the big night...

its friday night, the night before we have to leave this tropical paradise, the place where i was starting to call home. ok just kidding, or am i? so, matt, again has made special arrangements for this evening. we went to a place called kaibo which is located at the north eastish area of the island, in a very quaint town called rum point, a place that is seriously magical. so once a month, kaibo does a special celebration for the full moon, called 'luna del mar'. basically, they pull out all the tables, and put them on the beach, along with large blankets, low tables and some cushions. everything is candle lit, and it seriously looks like something out of a movie. there is no way to truly capture this on film. so of course we are seated about 6 inches away from where the sea is lapping at the sand. its so romantic. probably one of the most romantic dinners, the other being the dinner we had two nights prior to this one. so, we eat, we drink we talk about the universe, the moon and the stars. mushy stuff. the next thing i know, he's got a little box in his hand, and with a very brave heart, he tells me i'm his universe, and that he wants me to be there everyday for the rest of his life and if i'll marry him.... so i stick my hand out, and tell him to put that ring on my finger already, because, yes, of course i want to marry you. yes. and all was right in my world. so i returned home with a fiance and a very sparkly ring on my finger, ready to live the rest of my life with this wonderful, amazing man. i am the luckiest girl i know.


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