Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i don't have too many pet peeves, but i do have a few that totally annoy me to the point of anger. probably in the top five, and maybe even in the number one slot is when the cashier, any cashier hands me back my change and my receipt all in one hand. ok, so there i am, fumbling around with some coins, and some paper money and a piece of paper i really don't want. first, i have to dump the change into the assigned compartment of my wallet, (link is for a visual, and my boyfriend got me this for christmas, and its just fucking fabulous. so is he) then, i have to separate the paper money from the receipt, which i don't even want and then, i have to get everything nice and neat into my wallet, zip it up in a timely fashion as to not hold up the very impatient woman behind me surrounded by small children, screaming for cookies, one strapped to her back, with snot dripping down her shirt. so, my point is, and i do have one... can we PLEASE start a movement for cashiers to simply put the receipt in the bag? i mean, i actually am overly joyous when they ask me if that's what i want, cause you bet your sweet aunt sally i do!! i've even starting telling the cashiers i don't want the receipt just so i can avoid all this whole internal drama. i know its a small thing, but i'm not talking about world problems here. i'm talking about a simple thing. yes i know this screams #whitegirlproblems but hey, i'm human, and its all about the little things... right?

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