Wednesday, January 18, 2012

say what you will, but i think they are lovely together, to watch, and to admire. i'm sure they have flaws, and cuss and fight and probably only have sex about once a week, if they're lucky, but to me, they seem perfect. i guess im thinking about this because matt and i are just a few days away from making it a solid year. oh, what a fucking year. major ups laced with some major downs. clearly, the good outweighs the bad, and i am so grateful to have such a strong, patient, caring, loving, understanding man in my life who not only loves me when i'm at my worst, but showers me with affectionate words and reminds me why i love him so much as i do. maybe we don't have millions of dollars, or a heard of kids, or have some world saving cause to back up, but in my little world, matt and i are celebrities. i mean, if you can't be famous in your own life, what's the point of this life? i look forward to the future, remember the past, and embrace the present.

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  1. you certainly are THE star in my universe
    i love you with all of my heart


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