Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i stumbled across this picture the other day, and it actually made my eyebrows raise, with an, ''oh, i totally forgot about these two'', type of way. so young and innocent, well, sorta... anyways, it was kinda fun, like revisiting an old snap shot you have on your facebook. ever log into myspace, and click through just to see whats what? i personally went on there months ago, just to grab up some old photos of me, and some of frankie. sometimes i look through my old pictures from when i was just a kid, and just stare at the ones of my parents. they look so beautiful. especially my mom. every once in a while i'll look at a picture of my parents and have that same eyebrow raise and same passing thought about them being together. was it ever good? i mean, for them. i know it was good for me, and then it wasn't, and it got bad really fast. like, a fight or two later, and the d word was being tossed around. don't worry, no sad endings here today.... i have the best possible relationship with both of them. seriously, if they had to split up for us to go down a hellish journey to only land right where we are, then so be it.

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