Monday, December 26, 2011

made out like a bandit on christmas. santa was good to me, and by santa i mean matt. he's the best. really, the best. its totally a big deal too because he was losing hair and sleep over what to get me. well, it paid off! i'm seriously blown away. so, high fives all around for mister matt!

so, in roughly a month he and i will have been together, blissfully for a whole year. so, we decided we are going to have an anniversary party. we've been putting off having a party since i moved in and now that the weather (fingers crossed) seems to be headed into a nicer,cooler direction, why the hell not! food, drinks, music, dancing, and probably some horrible karaoke. i'm inviting everybody i know. i really don't even care if only like 5 people show up cause, i can do all of the above with matt, and its a fucking party. for real.

looking forward to the new year. lets face it, this year has had ups and some of the lowest downs ever. moving right along.....

i hope everyone reading this had a wonderful holiday, whichever one you hold dear, hoping it was full of food, love and laughter. mostly just love.

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