Tuesday, November 29, 2011

this model reminds me of a girl i used to know, which is such a strange thing to say, cause i still know of her. she was at one time a friend, a sister, a trusted soul in my life, and yet in a series of events she suddenly became a total stranger. isn't it so odd how you can think back to all the people who have came and went in and out of your life, some staying, some only for a quick moment. of course there are those peripheral friends who will forever be on the sidelines or outskirts of your life, making little cameos from time to time, whether its a pleasure or a disaster. i look forward to those happy little moments and quick catch up sessions, whether they ignite a new found friendship, or remind you as to why those people are where they are, and you are no longer in that inner circle. i suppose the universe works in funny little ways, or the power of magnetism draws you in, and whatever the opposite of that pulls you away. i sometimes wonder who will make it with me to finish line. all the people in my life right now are ones i cherish and love and can't imagine a single day without. its pretty cool to say that out loud.

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