Wednesday, November 23, 2011

of only three things i'm totally sure....

1. i am totally in love with this guy right here....

under one roof, i find love, warmth and joy. somehow we just get it, we are in this together, and that's just the way its written. i can't explain it, and i can't try to figure it out, it just is. i am so thankful that even at my worst, he still looks at me with no judgement, ( perhaps silently ) and only open arms waiting for me after long days.

2. i'm having a private love affair with granny panties...

i mean, what else can i say? they are the single most comfortable item i own. originally purchased a package of cotton granny panties, as well as a package of sexy satin ones. i had intentions of having a gag gift made out of one of them for a recent secret santa exchange. when that went south, i figured i'd give them a go... seriously, i love them, in secret of course. so, don't tell anyone. especially the man.

3. thinking about going vegan. (again)

watched a very mind blowing documentary last night, forks over knives, you may have heard of it. if not, go now, and watch it. can you say reversing cancer as well as other deadly diseases?? yea, that's what i'm talking about. i've been dairy free for some time, with the occasional pizza splurge, yet it always leaves me feeling like shit. i avoid it most of the time. lately my diet consists of mostly veggies, fruits and some fish. after watching that movie, i promptly purchased 5 plant based diet cookbooks. even one for a slow cooker... pretty sure i'm getting a crock pot for Hanukkah (thanks mom). gonna try to convince matt to get on board, for our health!


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