Wednesday, May 4, 2011

back from the dead... Internet that is. thankfully i was saved today by a very nice young man from Jamaica. not only did he hook up my Internet, he also helped me plan my next vacation. he was very helpful, and offered up some great local eateries that also offer some real Jamaican food. i'm pretty sure i just tapped into the hot line i've been longing for since i returned about four years ago... after he wrapped up the wires, and i wrote down every detail from lovers leap to ys falls, he then gave me his phone number. i'm sorry marvin, but its just not meant to be. my heart is simply already spoken for.

speaking of which, said keeper is turning another year older this weekend... festivities are being planned, against his will. i try and i try to plan but the powers that be (him) won't allow for such a thing. so we're gonna wing it for the most part... there is some type of plan in the works, but its so not planned out that it won't seem planned at all!

so, in other news, i decided to start writing. i'm compiling a bunch of my short stories and such, from either my personal life, or funny and not so funny tales from behind the chair. i'm trying my best to leave out names to protect the innocent. i'm sure i'll be on the new york times best sellers list in no time. fingers crossed.... maybe one day i'll share some of them over here on this little bloggy blog.

i'm in the process of purchasing a new computer... details to follow... i hope everyone out there in this cyber world is having a lovely day. if you happen to have a pet, give her or him a big hug. say i love you and mean it.

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