Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my mother told me a while ago that i should write a book. she said that i have some really great stories. i told her that my stories are ok, its how i tell them that makes them more interesting. i think i'm actually better at telling other peoples stories. maybe i'll start saving them somewhere and sit down and write that book. i'll probably have to change some names to protect the innocent, that way no fingers will be pointed, especially the middle ones, towards me.... my horoscope today said that i should start my own business. it also said that i shouldn't worry about the start up money, and that i should just go with this idea. lately i've been trying to come up with some type of job that doesn't have me standing around all day on concrete. the idea of being tied to a desk sounds like hell, and going back to school also sounds a little bit like a drag. maybe this book idea isn't such a far out notion??

i think i've finally recovered from the post vacation depression, they should hand out anti depressants as soon as you land back home. of course i'm in the process of planning quite possibly a trip of a life time, that is if it comes to fruition...fingers crossed. this is where i usually would say 'toes too', but my foot has been acting up like a little bitch lately. i went to a podiatrist today, and well, the words 'degenerative arthritis' were said to my face. also upon viewing my lovely x-ray, i noticed that the big bone i broke, the heel bone, is still slightly fractured. so, my running career is on hold. the good doctor wanted to shoot me up with some cortisone, which i quickly shot down. just in case, the two worst places for a cortisone shot are the hands and feet. unless i'm dying, no fucking way. so, i've got this anti inflammatory bandage on, and i have to keep replacing it every 12 hours, most likely for the rest of my life, or at least the next few weeks... he says, if it still hurts, to call him. um, hello? better gimme the direct line, its been painful for going on three years now, sir, and welcome to the fold...
not to be bitter or anything, but it really sucks.
on the very bright side, everything else in my life is fucking fantastic. yay!

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