Tuesday, March 1, 2011

on this very gloomy morning i am somehow finding the motivation to get some stuff done that i just ran out of steam to take care of yesterday... i know, excuses. lately i've been in this head space, where i just don't feel like there's ever enough time to do the things i want to be doing. i want to have an exorbitant amount of time to hang with my friends and lovers, to lay around with frankie, and watch him breathe, or to just lay in my sun room and take in the peace that flows freely through me and the universe. i think the life of leisure could work for me, at the very least for a couple of months. after that, i'm sure i'll have gained at least 20 pounds and would probably be addicted to some really bad reality tv.... on that note, i was recently given back an old tv i used to have. mind you, i never owned it. in fact, i've had two tv's total that were never mine, but little parting gifts from exes. to be honest, i'm not really sure who's tv is now back in my home, but i don't really care. funny, its smaller than i remember.... anyways... a friend was holding it for me, and since i refuse to actually pay for a tv or cable for that matter, i will simply use it for my netflix. my fancy new couch opens up to a pull out bed, and i can't wait to watch a movie and splay out on my couch/bed.... good times up in the tree house.

took frankie for a walk this morning and was reminded of a little thing i don't believe i've ever shared. i freak'n hate wind chimes. i mean, i just don't get it. especially the metal ones. the wooden ones i will tolerate, but all the other kind make my skin crawl. i have a neighbor that has about 7 hanging in a tree in her front yard, one hanging near her front door, and i'm sure about 5 or 6 more that i just haven't spotted yet. i don't get why someone would enjoy all that noise.

moving right along.... i'm getting very excited for an upcoming outta town adventure! headin' to memphis to take in some wildlife, bar b que, the king, and whatever else strikes my fancy... i absolutely can not wait to get the heck outta here. the simple idea of no alarm clocks, no appointments, no waking up early, no jumping out of bed, and no real agenda makes my heart expand. a very much needed, well over due vacation is exactly what the doctor ordered. i've decided to take my lawyer with me, just in case i get into any legal trouble. not planing on it, but ya never know....

somebody quick, take away my girl scout cookies... i'm turning into jaba the hut. in an effort to stay slim, i started running again. yea, it pretty much sucks right now. i think i need some new shoes. what a bummer, having to buy shoes that i can't wear out with my fancy clothes, seems like a mean prank. but, oh so very important for my little gimpy foot. i swear, my left foot wants to go out and buy the tallest stilettos in town, and hit the dance floor. my right foot, wants to wear uggs. its a dilemma. thankfully its about that time of year where i treat myself to biweekly, sometimes weekly pedicures. i know, seems a bit much, right? well, to that i say, you stand on concrete for a living wearing shoes that aren't exactly the best for you, and tell me what your feet look like at the end of a work week... yea, thought so.

just in case i haven't mentioned it in a while, i am so freakishly happy right now. everything is fantastic. no, seriously, everything.

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  1. Is your right foot the victimized one from Photo scavenger hunt a million years ago??? What a bummm. Get one fat and comfy Saucony sneak for gimpy and rock something hot on lefty. NEW TREND!


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