Friday, February 4, 2011

tomorrow is the big day, but tonight starts the celebration. i can tell you right now, without an ounce of hesitation, this weekend will be incredible. with all the hub bub and anxiety laced around this particular birthday, for no real good reason, i feel as though i have nothing at all in the world to worry about. just as i asked, i will be picked up and driven around, i even have somebody on call, i mean, how rad is that? looking forward to kicking this year off right. surrounding myself with the ones i love and hold dear, making memories, and hopefully never forgetting them.

my father came over last night to pick me up for our big birthday basketball date. before we left, he had a present for me, from my aunt, his sister. you see, my aunt is the only daughter of my father's mother, a woman i sadly didn't have the chance to know. she passed shortly after i was born. that being said, i've always felt a very strong connection to her, like somehow our lives were interwoven. so, my aunt was given all of my grandmother's jewelry, and she was thoughtful enough to give one of those very special pieces to me for my birthday. you see, my grandmother had a love for boston terriers, mind you this was something i found out years after i had frankie, my little boston. i suppose it just never occurred to my father to tell me his mother cherished those little ones. well, her favorite one was called 'bo peep'. she was my father's childhood pet, and my grandmother's prized animal. she had a bracelet with a single charm on it of a boston, and an inscription on the back that simply said bo peep. that bracelet is now mine. a gift i will cherish, and a sentiment that i will always hold onto with all of my heart. i've never had anything that belonged to my grandmother, and now i feel one more connection to her. its a lovely day.

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  1. How friggin cool is that? I mean, the charm and the stuff with the grandma and shit, but we're both born in FEBRUARY!

    Seriously, though, how could your dad just not ever mention Bo-peep? Maybe he was waiting for the right birthday...

    Drink something wicked for your pregnant pal, please. And Happy Birthday.


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