Monday, November 1, 2010

happy monday.

what a weekend. spent all day sunday drinking and eating around the world, not to mention peeing around the world as well. i have no bladder for competitive drinking. i however will always hold steady at being the pace car. it was a lovely day at epcot. no crowds, no rain, tons of sun. i could have done with out the last 10 degrees of heat, but i'll take it over the shit storm of high heat/ high humidity we still have here. does florida know its november?? if you ever make it to epcot, and you should, pepe in mexico at the tequila bar knows whats up. as in, you buy a flight, act interested, or genuinely be, and he'll hook it up with some free shots. mind you, the shots are 1/3 the amount of an actual shot. that being said, i'm pretty sure my tequila shot days are nearing an end. i like a margarita just as much as the next gal, but i think doing shots, well, i just don't really want to think about it. so there. it was a great day, and led into a cool evening, and a final crash in a giant king size bed at a lush hotel.

ever drive down the same street twice in one day? i did today, and i was going the same way, heading down the same direction, when all of a sudden i had a thought that i haven't had in quite some time. i thought, 'i can't look at this view for the rest of my life'. verbatim. it made me think about moving away. lately i've been craving green. i want lush greenery, big green trees, and long rolling green hills, yes, hills. i want cool, crisp air with chilly quiet mornings, and thick aired evenings. i can't quite figure out what i'm wanting to see, but i want to see it. its really quite lovely in my head.

today was also one of those days, where you might start off thinking 'fml' and end it thankful for the ability to do the smallest of things. i met a young lady today that was in a really horrible accident. she's all beat up, broken neck, skull fractures, broken pelvis, staples, scrapes, etc. she rolled her jeep, and in the process her long, beautiful hair got caught on the roll bar, and for the last two weeks, she's had this little mound of hair tangled all to hell on the top of her head. she called it her hockey puck and well, i've felt hockey pucks with more give. basically she had the biggest, fattest dread on her head. so, i went to her hospital room and combed it out. i mean, i was there four hours, and only used my scissors once. so now she has two lovely little braids, keeping her hair untangled, and hockey puck free. for once in a very long time, my skills made me feel like a hero. i found patience, which i didn't think i had. it was nice talking to her, and just sorta being girls. i'm sure for her it was nice to have someone other than her family, or series of doctors come and hang out. for me, well, i simply did it because i wanted to. from the bottom of my heart i just wanted to do something nice for someone. i wanted no payment, no pat on the back, nothing. it felt really good. and with all this good, i still feel sad. i don't know how to explain it. i just sorta feel like i'm in a dream state, drifting. its okay, i know where i am, just don't know where i'm going.


  1. sweet story and glad to hear you could save her hair :-)

  2. There are days where I feel like this myself too... If I didn't travel so much since the time I was 24, I most likely would have moved too. To me, its warm and fuzzy to come back to something familiar, somewhere where all my "stuff" is. I always said, home is where my pillow is at night, no matter where I was <3


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