Monday, August 2, 2010

we got the keys to our home together. the big move in has begun. slow and steady, here we go....

i feel pretty lucky to have found someone i really just like being around. i really just want him to be there, wherever i go, just so we can experience things together. he's really such an important part of my life, in ways that i've never understood before. we talk about everything, candidly and with out judgement. well, for the most part. he's silly and always makes me laugh. his silly little jokes give me such an honest giggle, even when i know whats coming... his puns are endless and i love it. i can't remember the last time i was silly. he's sexy too. he makes my heart flutter and i get those damn butterflies still. i hope forever.

our little house on florinda street is cute and sweet. i think we're going to make it such a cute little home. i'm pretty sure he's just as excited as i am about it. 3 weeks to go.

my poor little frankie has had a non stop battle with his right eye. now i have to put two different type of drops in both eyes at different times of the day. i just hope he's not in pain. he's been so good about letting me do the drops, but his spirit is down, and it just breaks my heart. if you think of it, send out some healthy eyesight energy his way, please and thanks.

not too much else. just trekking along. life's flying by. i guess its a good thing. waiting for a slowing down after august sometime. here's hoping.


  1. Congrats on the new place and lovey giggles. Both are hard to come by these days.

    Hope Frank feels better. Not that this is in your future, but just know that I know a dog who had his eye removed after long bouts with issues. He is just as happy as can be. And he looks stellar in an eyepatch.

  2. soon we will be neighbors and i cannot wait to see your love nest. lexi will take care of frankie's eye. she is the best nurse when i'm sick... always makes me feel better :)


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