Friday, June 11, 2010

so, this is where i unload all my feelings and thoughts about life, and what i'm going through and how fucked up it all is. but i'm not going to do that. i'm just going to keep my mouth good and shut. instead, i'm going to write about a time when i was a little girl in israel with my family. i must have been either 8 or 9, and we were staying at my grandmother's house in a small city. i'll spell it out for you to say it.. rah-hoe-vote. this is the city my mother grew up in, and down the street was the store my grandfather worked in. it was a men's' clothing store. and right next door to that was the ice cream shop we went to almost every night. my mom would order ice coffee. across the street from my grandmother's place was a really nice park with a swing set that my cousins and i would play on. it was just like any city park, its just this one happens to be in israel. some of my favorite times were spent there, with my family.

one day, my father decided to be a funny american guy and pull a prank. my grandmother's condo was on the 3rd floor, with a nice balcony that you could see the sidewalk and park from. my father was in his photographer phase, with the nice camera and lenses and all. he'd shoot everything from bugs to 'moments'. anyways, so he thought he was a clever guy that particular day... he took an american quarter and super glued it to the sidewalk. he then perched himself up on the balcony, with his camera and took pictures of all these people trying to pick up the quarter. of course, being his co-pilot i sat right next to him, and watched him document this whole situation. looking back now, i wish i was older so i could laugh honestly instead of the girlish giggles that came out. i'm pretty sure he still has the pictures somewhere, and i'm sure he thinks its still pretty funny.

i think i miss my childhood. i'd like to go back there sometime, but i'm pretty sure the cab fare would be outrageous.


  1. you gotta dig up those pics and make a post!

  2. love this! makes me think of my daddy-and-me special moments. lovely post.
    i'm wondering what's so crappy right now. post that! :)


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